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Sumeet Feature - Machine turns off automatic once the grain is finished in hopper Child Safe Feature - If door is opened during machine is running then it stops automatically. Low noise - It is quite in operation lesser noise then a mixer grinder. Low Electricity Consumption - It consumes less electricity about 0.5 to 0.75 unit per hour. High Perferformance - It grinds 8-10 kg in just hour. Saves Money and time -It cost u 3-4 Rs for 10Kg, where at traditional flour-mill .No Wastage of Flour - Its covered air tight cloth prevents spreading of flour. Air Circulation - With the increase heat of grinded flour, special air circulation system maintains proper air pressure. Microcontroller - Microcontroller device prevents any electric damages to motor Feeding Device - Automatic feeding device adjusts speed according to the grain Technical Specifications Motor : 2H.P power  Phase 750 W 230 V 50 Hz Cabinet Size (LxWxH) : 12x16x28 inches Elecricity consumption : 0.8 unit/Hour Approx. Weight : 45 Kg Approx. Hopper capacity : 4.5 Kg • A fully Automatic Flour grinding Machine with SASO (single auto switch operation) system • Microcontroller to protect voltage fluctuations and overloading. • Stabilizer free Machine • Auto Switch ON/OFF system • Equipped with powerful 1 HP Single Phase German Technology Motor. • Consumes less electricity and more efficient • Wooden Cabinet in ISI Ply/MDF and Fine laminated Designer Doors • S.S Hopper Capacity of 5.5 Kg

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