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Product Code: Singer Maxi Blaze 4 Burner Gas Stove
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Maxi Blaze 4GS Four Burner Gas Stove which has been designed to occupy less space on your counter top. This compact gas stove gives elegant look to your kitchen. The burners of this efficient  gas stove are fashioned from high-quality brass. Brass burner are preferred by modern gas stove manufactures over the traditional iron burners, ass they have been proven to increases the thermal efficiency of the stove by a minimum of 4 % and a maximum of 58 % . These burner help reduce your spending on cooking gas while saving a precious natural resource. Singer Maxi Blaze 4GS has been built with a strong stainless steel frame specially designed for daily usage. Stainless Steel drip trays protect damages from spillage of oil, milk etc. The drip trays fit snugly under the burner ensuring that your kitchen stays clean. The Singer Maxi Blaze 4GS comes with a toughened glass top Smooth and Shiny with elegant look, effortlessly uplifts the decor of your kitchen, aluminum mixing tube is provided to protect.

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